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 I recently had a smart meter installed. Type: Atlas MK7A2. Has anybody got a intruction book or a guide how to intrerpet the info. Internet search came up with nothing. thanks

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Hi Hanosi,


Here is a starting point even though you know which model you have, posted by Catherine a little while ago. Cathering may be able to add more for your reply, I find doing a google on your model comes up with heaps of answers, this is the first of many available.


Hope it helps! I simply googled    Atlas MK7A2  





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Hi @hanosi


Welcome to the Community. 


@BWSS has already provided a great link - Thanks! 


The meter you have installed 'MK7A2' is an one phase, two element meter - and your meter should have the below registers to scroll through: 


LCD Description As Per Configuration
01* Standard Current Date and Time
03* Net Export Wh Total
13* Net Import Wh Total
07* Export Wh Load (Gross Solar in case of PFIT)
43 Import Wh - Controlled Load
53 Export Wh Total - General Light and Power
63 Import Wh Total - General Light and Power


I will follow up with our Digital Meter Team and see if there is a printed instructed booklet. Will let you know once I have the answer. 


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Hi @hanosi


The Digital Metering team has confirmed that there are no instructions booklets available. 


Hopefully the information already provided, will assist you in understanding how to read your meter. If you have any further questions, please let us know. 



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