What does the Community think about the purchase of Loy Yang B Power Station?

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Hello Community. It's your Community Manager here; Samjy. 


WIth the news that Alinta Energy has purchased the Loy Tang B power station in the Latrobe Valley, I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks about this news?


Here's where we stand on making an orderly transition to renewable energy


I look forward to hearing from you all. 

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Need to keep coal until it can be replaced.

Short term coal at night, solar at day.

Long term storage farms.

Agl video, only 100 MW investment in renewables.


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It is just a pity these coal generation plants are so unreliable. Six failures in just a few weeks for Loy Yang A. The sooner they are replaced with current technology the better. AGL made the right call with Liddell.



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I congratulate AGL on its firm stance with the future plans of Lidell! It is almost comical - a Federal Gov ernment who should be leading on power (and everything else), instead begging industry to remain in the dark ages for longer. I just don't get the Governments strange obsession with coal.