Solar Build

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Build cost
Solar farm is at least half cost of coal plant.

Running costs
Solar 5c Coal 25c / kWh

Each 25 years replace solar panels.
At that time cost should be half.

Grid controller can assess when and where
they are needed.
Likely to be little need 6 am to 6 pm.
VPPs with batteries in homes can help.

Next gen solid state battery will be
twice density, so half cost.
Due 2025-2030

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Grid Controller should use a supercomputer.


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Assessing grid with a supercomputer will give
energy savings so reduce battery need.


Good place for batteries is near solar farms
connected by a separate power line.

This will allow maximum use of high power
transmission line from solar farms to city.


Solar energy to city 7 am to 6 pm, excess energy to
batteries. After 6 pm energy from batteries and coal.