No alarm on PV failure

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We have just received an enormous power bill and when I checked my usage graph, I realised that our PV system had failed 3 months ago. Our EV charging, daytime air con and hot water heater have all run off our solar array previously. Coincidently, our PV failed on the exact first day of the new billing cycle, and I do not like these coincidences.

I see that our AGL page has had a warning that there was a PV fault, but I only go to that page when checking consumption or a bill. Is there any reason that I could not have been sent an email when that warning arrived?

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Hi HansBeeltje, Thanks for reaching out and we are sorry to hear about the situation. At present, the AGL app is designed as a one-stop hub for all things energy. You can monitor your usage, view your bills, get notifications about your solar systems, make payments, etc. We appreciate your feedback and will ensure it is passed on to the relevant team for review. Cheers, Deepesh

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Thanks Deepesh.
Can you clarify how I "get notifications about your solar system"?

Kind regards
Hans Beeltje
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Hi HansBeeltje, You can find more information about the Solar Status function on AGL app/My account by visiting Cheers, Deepesh

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@HansBeeltje @Deepesh_AGL ,


  1. Your solar system has an attached WiFi connection and you can monitor that.
  2. The AGL App and your Usage Web page show your usage and other details
  3. The inverter has a screen and normally lights to indicate that it working
  4. You can read your meter to see how much solar you are generating.

It is the responsibility of you, the owner of the SEG (Small electricity generator), to monitor your output.

If you don't have a smart meter, you now have a VERY GOOD REASON to change over to this.


I have been on the road for two months now and I can tell you that for this billing period I have:

DATE        TYPE       Days   Last Data    Meter Read      Daily Avg.
20231116  Solar          43         34.279        1241.967          28.883
20231116  General      43           2.547          117.301            2.728


AGL will probably update for last days (yesterdays) usage around 2 hours from now.


At home it is cloudy with periods of full sun, as I have only generated 17.5 kWh so far with peaks reaching 5kW and current output of 3.526kW.


And no, I am not am employee of AGL and add to this post in the hope that you and others read this so you can understand your responsibilities.


I would think that you have an older inverter as they relied having connection to the mains at all times and in the event of a power failure required a manual restart to connect to back to the grid.

Cheers Neil

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Our system is 3 years old and has worked flawlessly from the start, which is why we no longer did any regular checks. We have a Smart meter and the system has not been troubled by power outages. Sungrow have now determined that the inverter is faulty and have arranged a replacement at no charge. They are also assisting me in setting up an alarm in case anything fails again.
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Hi @HansBeeltje,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concerns. Unfortunately, there is no automated way of sending emails to the customers during faults, but you can always check AGL online or the AGL APP for all updates.  

Kind Regards,