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When will smart meters be available in Sydney?


Hi everyone,

I live in Sydney and am really jealous of the people in SA who I see have smart meters available with AGL.


Is there a timeline for rolling out smart meters for AGL electricity users in Sydney?




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Lets hope Sydney and the whole of Australia gets the new meter, best thing AGL ever did, still not sure why they chose SA, perhaps smaller state, testing the water, who knows.


I have been asking the SAPN here when we can get a smart meter, even said I would pay for one, they had no idea as the SA Government were looking long term to to a SA rollout but all consumers hsd to pay for one, then along came a letter in the mail to say we were getting one, no charge, how lovely!!!




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Hey @AndrewSa, thanks for the post and to @BWSS for the contributrion. AGL are currently offering free smart meter upgrades to select houses in NSW. If you would like some more information on this you can head to this page on our website, or call 1300 669 245 anytime (we're open 24/7).


Any further questions let us know.



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Thank you for the update. This is great news! I look forward to getting on board so I can manage my electricity more effectively.


Hi limydoo,

Mid 2016 I received a letter (in Sydney) about a smart meter being installed, and how I would be notified beforehand as there would be a short time where the power would be switch off (obviously). Nearly a year on, and I've heard nothing since. I had a look at but it doesn't tell me anything.

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Hi @Agatanh


Thanks for message. Sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your digital meter to be installed. To find out the most up to date information for you, can you please send a private message with your account details and I will find out what is happening. 


Link for private message.




Hi @CatherineG 

I replied but didn't hear back from you .. just wanted to check in please.


AGL Moderator

Hi @Agatanh


It's best to give the Digital Metering team a call for this one so they can look into it for you. The number is 1300 669 245. Thanks!


Thanks. I did so. Seems like AGL sending the letter telling me a new meter would be installed was pointless - there is no timeline for digital meter installation in the area.