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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.



SOLAR i have been calling for over a week and no one has returned my calls i understand we are in different times.

I have had solar command activated and i am tracking how much solar im creating but AGL has by Bill going up every day im creating 28-34 Kw per day more than enough to cover my usage.


Why is this happening?


If not resolved soon i will be moving to another supplier as AGL dont seem to be able to track their Solar reading at all even on the My App it says im creating next to no solar a day which is rubbish this system is the newest/ top of line system with SIM card tracking etc.


I even paid to get a tech out from the install company to do a read on the system to ensure it was working they have proven it is working perfectly and the issue is at AGL 's end they have also suggest a new supplier as this isn't the first time they have had a customer with issues around AGL and Solar buy back.


So you are aware i have done the following as per "How do I get started using my new solar system?"


I have Solar command up and running as per the 30 days of data required to do so and still cant give me accuracy??






What does it say on your Usage page when you log onto the the web based pages.

You obviously have a peak meter and a solar usage meter, do you have off peak (controlled load)?


Now, I don't work for AGL, but I have not found anywhere that states that you will get current data.


I am in SA and normally get my usage data up to midnight, on the next day after 9 or 10 am. This is not from AGL but from my Supplier (SA Power Networks).


AGL has an issue trying to present data to SA users it seems due to the half hour time difference, I presume that the same would occur with QLD users.

Don't know how much your electricity costs nor the amount you are paid for feed-in.


Lets say you pay $0.28 cents per kw and get $0.12 per Kw.


28 Kw generated gives you a $3.36, say you use 10kw a day, $2.80, that gives you a credit of $0.56 cents, take off your supply charge (say $0.80) gives you still paying $0.24 cents a day.


We have not had any rain in my part of SA for the last forty days but we have had heavy overcast days where (for instance the 24th march we only generated 9.4 Kw for the day).




Above is a usage page from my AGL web logon.

Now this says that from the 28 Jan to 15 Mar (47 days) I used 289.96 Kw of Peak Power and Feed-in of 1138.07 it also gives me a $ value.


You can do this by using either the KW or the $value.

It costs me $2.56 for power I use and I get $4.84 credit for power generated.

Or I just get $2.28 credit a day for my power over this period.

Take off  my supply cost ($0.91) my net is a credit of $1.37 a day or $121.70 for the 89 days of my billing period.


All this I obtained using data from my USAGE page and not using any apps just a calculator


I presume you are with AGL because they are paying one of the best rates for solar, I would think it would be silly for you to move because of an app that you don't seem to have proved.


By the way this is not a complaints page but a forum to toss around ideas and get some feed back.


I presume one of the AGL moderators will pick this up and assist you on getting a official AGL response to your statement.


Please take the time to check all the details above and then add to this "post" with your actual usage data to give some feedback to this discussion.





PS Here is my bill estimate using data from Midnight 2 April 2020 (today is 3rd April).


Current Bill
Supply $          74.70
Peak $         197.83
Total Fees and Charges $         272.53
+GST $           27.25
  $          299.79
Solar Feed in $         420.05
Total Payable-$        120.26
Payment Required Per Fortnight-$           21.00
Cost Per Day-$              1.34


By the way I can also tell you that I also saved a further $208 in power that I consumed from my solar output before feeding the power back to the grid.


Thanks Neil for taking your time explaining some of this looks to me yours is working well were my Brand New system still isnt recording solar the AGL app i have asked time and time again they finally signed me up to solar command and still no change except my bill is getting higher? if you have time can you have a look below and maybe share some insight i still haven't heard anything back from AGL its been weeks.




below is my solar generation as per my inverter 1st column is  MArch 2nd Column is April





Hi Solarking,


Thanks for supplying some information back.


Looking at your usage data I can see that you are indeed producing power but consuming half of it in your house.


There are 31 days in March, your panels  produced 384 kw or 12.4 kw a day average.


According to your AGL Usage Report you are 36 days into your billing cycle (26 Feb to 2 Apr)

Your Solar to the grid (feed-in) is averaging 5.8 kw a day for this period.


So you are consuming (12.4-5.8) or 6.6 Kw of your generation each day.


In my current billing period (Starting 27 Jan 20 till 3 Apr ) or 66 days,  I have put 1563 kw (23.7 Kw per day) into the grid. But I have generated 1962 kw or 29.7 Kw per day.

My consumption of my generation is (29.7-23.7) or 6 kw a day.


We are an all electric house and our hot water is heated between 11:00 and 19:00 each day and as such consumes solar generation (about 3kw a day) from our generation.


My system is 24 panels with a production rating of 6.6kw. Now you must firstly understand that it is not possible for me to produce more than 5kw as my inverter is rated 5kw so any power over 5kw is dumped as heat by the inverter.


I would save that the capacity of your panels is approximately half of my system (say 3kw) with maybe a 2.8 Kw inverter.


Well under what you require for your usage, but still a reasonable saving, as without the panels you would be paying for using 30.33 Kw a day, instead of  23.74 Kw per day.


So your electricity brought from the grid would be now $273.66 instead of your $214.12 as it is now.


So at the end of your billing cycle (90 days) without solar, your Bill would be $684  and with solar about  $535.


So over a year you will save about $500-$600.


So if you have a 3Kw system that is what to expect, if you have a 5kw system, I would say that you are under performing or live in Tasmania.





PS In case you are wondering, the benefit of having bigger capacity than the inverter is that on overcast days you can generate slightly more power.


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