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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Solar installation & smart meter inspection at a new build


Hi, I'm in the final stages of building two townhouses, I've had Solar panels installed but at the moment the builder is paying the electric bills, his energy provider has forwarded as a bill for over $500 per unit for new meters even so it's a new build and already has smart meters, the research I have done suggests the smart meters can be remotely reprogrammed to accept the feed in from excess power generated by the solar panels, I phoned Powecor to ask how much this cost and it was under $50 but then they claimed that there is a $500 fee to have the instillation inspected, does anyone know what is really happening, my feeling is that the inspection would have already been done by the solar installer and that whatever retailer I decide to go with will charge a small fee above powercor a fee to recalibrate the smart meter



Hi, what the solar installer does is to install the solar system and get it connected to the existing meter through the switch board to get the solar system operational but excess power from the solar system going into the grid is not metered until the smart meter is recalibrated or a net meter is installed. The solar installers do not inspect existing meters however a permission to connect the solar system on the property must be approved by the distributor before the solar system is installed. The approval to connect the solar system has to do with the suitability of installing a solar system of a particular size for the property, guiding against oversized systems that will affect the power supply in the locality. This approval is different from determining the integrity of your electricity meter/switch board or the solar system which they are charging you for.Your distributor, in this case powercor, has it as a requirement to inspect your switch board before recalibrating the smart meter or connecting a net meter for the solar system and the fee for that depends on the condition of your switch board.


I hope this helps!




Can you explain exactly what calibration does ?

Can this be a downgrade of energy into the grid

therefore reducing customer benefits ??


Thanks in advance ....


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