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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

How can I get access to solar command


Hi, I have been told that my solar panels are up and running, also my metre has been reconfigured. But I still can't access to the agl solar command through the website and agl energy app. The website shows I don't have access, how can I solve this problem?








You can see what solar you are putting to the grid on your My Usage page.







Hi I’m getting the same thing. I just had solar set up. Did you manage to get yours working, and if you did, how? Thanks. 



I no longer support the Community Pages as they have no benefit for me.

A quick check of the link above shows that AGL no longer support solar command.


As they have stated, you can monitor your system through the App or your Web Page.


I developed two programs to convert your meter data into usable data but could not convince people to trial and help me develop them. (Well not quite true, two people have installed them but have never given me any feed back).


I don't use the app but just by looking at the my usage page I can see my current billing cycle usage.

I am only three days into this billing period and this is what I can deduce just from this.


1. I have used $5.72 or

$20.89 or




DatePeakExportedSolar GenUsedMeter Solar
Carried Fwd00003635.37814676.667
17-Jan-21   0.003635.37814676.667
21-Jan-21   0.003649.89614781.111
CountPeakExportedSolar GenUsedMeter Solar
Monthly Avg4.8434.8140.205.39  


This is the data from my spreadsheet (you may notice that I also have my meter readings (for Midnight on the day) showings as well. You can see that I also use on average 5.39 Kw a day of my generation.


Now again with simple maths I can predict what my next bill will be.


They are 90 days in my billing cycle.

peak usage will be 4.84 * 90 = 435.54

solar generated will be 34.81 * 90 = 3133.32


Solar Generated :  $                     0.20
Peak Rate per kw :  $                     0.39
Supply Charge :  $                     0.89


Bill will be (predicted) $626 - ($170+$80) = credit of  $376 to account.


Now I know that will not be correct but that's what it is right now.


For the same period last year my bill was $106 credit (but we did have more cloudier days than usual).


Since we installed solar we have only had to pay a bill once ($11.16) every other bill has been a credit.


There are two of us in the house, we have a wood fire (no gas), even though we have a reverse cycle inverter Air Con we only use our evaporative unit which cools the whole house down at very little cost (the high usage on the 20 Jan was due to the fact that we had a 38 Degree Day).


By the way as we don't use our reverse cycle unit it is turned of at the fuse box. (Do you know that they contain a oil heater that uses  125 watts on hour or 3kw a day).

Having that turned on nearly doubles our daily usage.





Thank you for coming back and answering my question, I appreciate it! 
 You helped me a lot, it answered every other thing I was wondering about! I have a reverse cycle a/c as well. I’ve never thought of turning it off like that but I will now, we rarely use ours either. 
 Thanks again.