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Home profile survey


I just wanted to point out a couple of possible improvements to the home profile survey:

1. Washing machine - the question asks how many hot washes you do per week and the minimum is two or less.  Who on earth is washing in hot water these days?  Unless you are washing overalls or soaking a doona (even then I only do the wash in hot water - not the rinse) why would you need hot water?  So i think there should be an option that says 'rarely' or a few times a quarter.

2. Also maybe ask how many loads of washing people do - this might not equate neatly to the number of people in the house.  It depends how manual their work is and if they play a lot of spot (lots of uniforms to wash) etc.

3. Dishwasher use - maybe ask this too - some people obsessively run their dishwashers every evening no matter what, because they don't want the contents to 'get stinky' - how the smell on the inside of a dishwasher hurts anyone has always been a mystery to me.

4. It might be good to produce a downloadable form that you could print off of all the different use types so people could keep their own record for a week of how much laundry, dryer use (not sure if you asked usage for this as I don't have one) dishwashing, showers etc, and then they could update their profile.

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Hi Leacalais, 


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We welcome the feedback to our home profile survey, thank you! I've moved your post to our My Account Ideas board. This gives the My Account team more visibility to review helpful feedback like yours. Regarding point 4, could I ask if this is something you do often, monitor your usage over a period of time, or is this suggestion so you can use it as a starting point? We always want to hear how our customers are using these tools so we can work prioritise what matters. 


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I agree with these ideas - there are some significant points I cant clarify for my unit which impact my potential use (I’ve got gas and electricity and live alone, but for example I have a high-performance PC which uses more than a laptop or smaller computer - perhaps ‘gaming’ or similar could be one choice of appliance). Being able to put Lt or stars for fridge and kg for washers etc are all impactful and I don’t think I can accurately report my RC air con/heater AND my Dyson which is also kind of RC but is a plug in combo heat/cool with only a heating thermostat. That thing apparently sucks energy so it’d be good to add to find out how I used $600 worth this quarter despite gas water and cooking, being home little, and alone in a tiny unit 😞 with the pc and Dyson probably at fault my tool estimates aren’t very accurate. 


The more customisation or household appliance data included the better - makes the tools actually valuable! Especially in this era of smart homes and continually powered aftermarket devices !