Json API to pull usage data

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Hi Agl


Is there an API available so i can pull my usage data ( same data found in the downloadable scv at https://myaccount.agl.com.au/usage )  from my agl account to a database i'm creating to analyse my solar generation across multiple system and my power usage 


yeah, I will admit it was fun.

There are some threads about this in issue for the project, some people are using batteries but I got an electrician friend to just put a Power Outlet in the box and then a USB power adapter, etc.


+1 for REST API.





+1 for any API


+1 for API to integrate with Home Assistant. I see that Alexa and Google home integration is already in


Yep I'd like to see this too.


Has AGL provided any response to this thread?


I have setup a frient sensor with Home assistant... solves the problem in the absence of API.


Given the App can give me breakdowns to the half hour, do AGL now have an API available?


I'm also very interested in this. Required for custom home automation software I'm developing to integrate my solar data and my grid usage in one easy to access place.


+1 for this - it would be great for home automation, and from AGLs perspective make it harder for users of the api to subsequently move away to other providers who don’t offer api access (as it may break automations etc).

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