Add more history to online account overview

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The overview display would be more useful if it showed the last five bills (instead of just three) because that would allow comparison with the corresponding bill in the previous year (eg compare autumn 2019 and autumn 2018).

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Status changed to: Good Idea, Vote!

Thanks for the feedback, @cwij 




I’d like to add my support to this idea as well as being able to download a minimum of one year of PDF bills easily and at all times. It’d be useful to compare personal usages at various points without having to search my email history or rely on ‘average’ Data. 


Id also like to add to this that being able to see a LOCAL (ie state) average usage would be the only useful ooh r to your household averages printed in bills (it’s just a space, ink, or graphic design waste of space now as bills here in SA are much higher than NSW for example as a whole  state issue, rather than being the fault of a specific retailer. Here anyway it’d probably make customers view AGL less unfavourably if they saw their usage and costs as compared to SA users 🙂