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Had a new meter installed today as my last meter was a gross meter I believe. The new meter is a MK10D. Is there anyway to ensure it is configured for net metering? 

Also it has codes 03 and 13. 03 being excess consumed and 13 being exported. 

Can I assume that they are total amount consumed and total exported? Would have been nice to see the daily figure but doesn’t seem to be that option. 

Is there anyway I can see how much of my own energy I am using?


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I've kept my answers to dot points for the benefit of clarity:

  • All solar meter installations are now configured to 'net' by default.
  • Yes, these are the total figures for your 03 and 13 registers. You can view a daily breakdown of these figures by logging into your AGL My Account.
  • Your inverter would be able to tell you how much if your own power you have used.

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