Smart Meter Controlled Load and Off Peak

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I have a Smart Meter in NSW currently using Time Of day billing, so I can see amounts for Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak. I have been told that I could be using a plan that includes Controlled Load, and that that would cover all of the current OffPeak line-item, without having any separate wiring. We do NOT have electric hot water or any other specially connected appliances, so our offpeak is for normally connected appliances. Is this correct, or is Controlled Load ONLY for appliances that are specially connected, whether through the existing or a separate meter? 

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Hi TomC101,


As you mentioned, controlled loads are typically wired for for electric hot water, and less frequently pool pumps, air conditioners etc. If you don't have one of these suitable appliances then you will not be able to be charged using a controlled load structure I'm sorry to say.


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No apology required. That is what I thought, but I had a call from one of the online price comparison sites that was trying to convince me otherwise!


Dont worry, everything they have suggested has been *more* expensive than my current deal.