Meter modem change due to 3G being withdrawn

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Hi, has anyone else received a text message from Plus ES stating they need to enter your property to change your meters modem. The reason given is being withdrawn in favour of 4G. Just wanted to check as there has been no correspondence from AGL and worried about scam texts.

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Hi Darren_B,


I can confirm this is a legitimate message from the meter provider. All meters are in the process of having this upgrade.






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It would be nice to have this communication through an email from AGL. Specially because most people don’t have any clue who PLUS Es is. Also they have a link in the SMS which looms similar ti the dodgy sms. I tried to confirm with AGL spam monitor team to check if it was a legit sms, they replied saying they couldn’t help with this!

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Hi Muhammadlqbal, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood. 


Thank you for getting in touch and providing this feedback, we'll certainly pass it on to our metering teams.


Kind Regards,




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If you see a “Connection error” message on your In-Home Display, this means it has lost connection to the smart meter(s) and needs to be paired again. In other words, the digital signal between your In-Home Display and the smart meter needs to be restored.