Error in bill

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There's an issue with my bill where all the charges are billed against a continuous load.

This is really weird, the peak and offpeak charges are all 0.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Flou, we will need to look into this for you. Please reach out to the team via messenger so we can investigate this for you. You can do this via My Account or via the AGL App via the support tab.

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This is what I mean. I have reached out to phone support 3 times and have seen no progress. Every time I speak or chat with them I need to explain the situation again and again. Why can't AGL provide a ticketing system where I can check the progress. It would save you time as well. just not very efficient this way.

AGL Moderator
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I'll pass along your feedback regarding this, I'm sorry you have had a poor experience. You can request a reference number when you get in touch and this can be provided if you need to follow up on an issue. Please reach out to the resolutions team via My Account or the AGL App via the support tab and they will assist further.