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An AGL technician arrived today to install a new digital meter. I did not know that he was coming. However, we met and discussed the intended work. I am currently renovating my unit which will include new underfloor heating and new air conditioning. The technician said that my off-peak demand may exceed the capacity of the meter he intended to install. So, he left without installing the meter. How can I coordinate with AGL to have a properly sized new digital meter installed?

AGL Moderator
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Hi Elk! 

You'll need to get in touch with our digital metering team and they'll be able to assist you with that, you can get in touch with them directly on: 


Phone: 1300 669 245


Kind regards, 



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I was contacted by AGL. We spoke on the phone and had a meaningful discussion, plus the AGL representative provided his contact details to provide support when the time comes to upgrade the meter.