Controlled Load - how to setup

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I'm in SA and currently have a 3 phase smart meter.  

We have underfloor heating in our house and I want to switch over to have this run on controlled load.

How do i go about this?  Do i need a new meter installed..?  


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Hi BJ77! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


If your current meter has a controlled load setting you can get an electrician to rewire your underfloor heating into your current meter.


If you do not have controlled load we would need to get you a separate meter for that, in this case you would need to contact us


Thank you 


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Hi Ellen,


Thanks for the prompt response!

How can i tell if my current meter has a controlled load setting?  Is this something that i would have had to have specifically requested at the time of install?

Thanks, Brett 

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Hi BJ77, 

No problem. 


If you have a bill with the current meter, it would be on the bill. Other wise, you would need to get in contact with our New Connections Team and they would be able to tell you. 


Hope that helps. 


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Awesome thanks.  Appears as though i don't have it so will get in touch to get a separate meter installed