BOOST button, does it use available solar power before using PEAK power

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I have a Atlas MK7A meter. If I use the boost button, does it use available solar power first before using electricity from the grid. Also, when a boost button is pressed, how long is it active for. Surely someone must know, you have meters in more than a million households. 

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I suppose you did find out that it is your electricity supply company that controls your meter settings not your retailer.

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@tellmenolies, @eGeorge , @jaydeny 


The answer to this question is very simple.


On the MK7A/MK7C meter:
Export refers to energy consumed by the customer.
Import refers to energy generated by the customer.


On your Electricity bill:
Export refers to electricity from your solar PV system to the grid.
Import refers to electricity to your property from the grid.


So TellMeNoLies was reading his/her meter incorrectly and hence the reason why no answer was ever posted. I am sure that if he/she was successful in his/her complaint to the Ombudsman then he/she would have been crowing the news in this post.


And, furthermore, TellMeNoLies would not have been been charged Off Peak, (now commonly known as Controlled Load), but would have been charged Peak Prices.


It is also interesting to note, that in a document produced by Origin Energy, that states:


This meter is 2 single phase meters in one body and replaces your gross meter/s and will be remotely switched to net metering on 1 January 2017 to send energy from your solar system to your household first, before sending the excess back to the grid.


Also please note, that in SA, these meters are no longer installed, having been replaced by IntelliHUB meters. (My IntelliHUB meter was installed 30 Jan 2019 in SA).


Cheers Neil