Disconnection or Internet Service

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I am trying to get in touch with AGL customer service for more than 3 days now. All I have so far is 4+ hours of hold time on Call Center and on message Center one guy passing the buck to another. 

I am fed up with the service and all I am looking is to have the disconnection of my internet.

Have you guys closed the customer support?

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Hi @Kiran 


We'd love to help you further with this, however I'm afraid we can't arrange this through the Community. You can get in touch with our helpful web chat team here who'll be happy to help you further, or you can call on 131 245 and select the prompts for our friendly Customer Care team, we have agents eager and available to assist you.


Kind Regards,





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If you're an AGL employee, why don't you have the AGL badge? 

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