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Why can't AGL add a simple SMS text warning that a bill us about to become overdue instead of sending drop dead emails that the bill is now overdue and therefore full payment is now due and slugging extra for it.   A simple SMS addition to improve customer service.   Others can do it why not AGL ?   


I've just paid my electricity bill 17 days in advance.   Any recognition of this perchance I miss an AGL bill among my hundreds of emails ?    None what so ever !     Apart from paying on time there should be a payment early bank or "good payer status" to provide some leeway if an email bill gets overlooked.   Remember that AGL does not sent snail mail which is the best reminder !

 I'm a GOLD NRMA member due to years of membership and prompt payments.  No such thing at AGL who turns regular paying customers into debtors who must be chased due to poor communications