Clearer Communications

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I find that the language in your Plan Summary is VERY confusing. You use the Terms "Energy Plan", "Market Contract" and "Rates". I understand that "Rates" refers to the price per unit(daily access and/or KWH) however "Energy Plan" and "Market Contract" would seem to me to really mean the same thing. While I appreciate these terms might have very specific meanings with the differences well understood inside AGL,  I would suggest these words mean essentially the same thing to your customers. This difference in understanding has certainly led me to be confused about what I actually signed up for.

Implicit in the phrase "Good communications" is that both parties understand the information being exchanged and when terms are used which are not clearly understood by one of the parties then "Good Communications" has not been achieved.

I am lucky to have English as my first language and enjoy a reasonable grasp of its general use.

Can I ask that the folk who create customer communications think carefully about their audience and try to keep those communications easily understood.