Bill smoothing not very smooth

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Half our gas use is in winter which triggers an inaccurate monthly bill smoothing amount, which is repeated at the other end of the scale 6 months later when it seems our usage is minimal! Does anyone else see how ludicrous this is?! Example: Sept 2019 $133/mth, June 2020 $51/mth, Dec 2020 $217/mth ('Prefer to keep your current lower amount? You'll need to make a once-off payment of $996 by 18 Dec 2020.')


I've grown tired of the conversation over the years so I work out my own bill smoothing by adding up my years worth of gas use and dividing it by 12... Voila! But every six months I have to call AGL and try to convince them the logic is sound, sometimes unsuccessfully. Strange


I really do wish I had a more positive story to tell.....