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Include PDF copy in bill email


I would like to receive a PDF copy of the bill in the email sent me.

Why do I have to log in and download the PDF separately?

Are you ashamed of the PDF or trying to hide it?


AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Good news, @aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , you don't need to log in to get the PDF bill. Just clicking "view your bill" in the email will give you the PDF bill.


The "dollar icon" and "view your bill" are both a little obscure. Consider using a document icon and some more informative wording like "view your detailed bill as a pdf". Consider also making this more obvious by placing it under the summary detail with larger text instead of being somewhat hidden with smaller text in a sidebar. It is very annoying that need to go and get it each time instead of the bill being all in one place in the email, hence, I still prefer the attachment, why not make this an option in the account details on the website.


I wholeheartedly agree!