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Carbon offset program for gas


In a world of impacts already keenly experienced due to climate change, I take my carbon footprint very seriously.


I've paid extra to ensure my electricity is from 100% renewable sources for over 15 years.


There are also commercial schemes allowing me to offset all my transport related carbon emissions (flights and car).


I use some gas from AGL, but there is no way for me to offset my carbon emissions for it through AGL.


Just like for electricity, I would be happy to pay more for a carbon neutral or offset service for gas. if AGL provided one.


This would be a further step in the right direction for AGL's often stated future carbon neutral aims, plus potentially give them a positive differentiator from competitors.


Happy to put my money where my mouth is and pay you more if you can help me offset my carbon footprint from using your gas.


I'm already evaluating your competitors for carbon neutral options for gas, and will likely jump ship for electricity as well, unless AGL can offer this type of service soon.


C'mon AGL you can do it. Make it a win-win and maybe even pick up some new customers along the way.



Couldn't have put it better myself, our household is in exactly the same position as GlobalCitizens.


Please check into having carbon offset as an option for gas AGL, it can only work out better for both yourselves and your customers to have this additional product differentiator.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @GlobalCitizen , @far 


I'm pleased to confirm that carbon neutral gas certified by Climate Active will be coming soon. We're working hard to offer more ways for our customers to lower their carbon footprint, so stay tuned.

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Great. Please let me know when AGL has a Carbon Offset Program up and running. I choose AGL because AGL was an Australian Company only to find out AGL hasn't implemented a Carbon Offset program of any kind in the past. Ref: Fight for Planet A. Please let me know when I may participate in the future.

AGL Community Manager

@Onegoodeed please note that we do already offer Carbon Neutral on electricity, and you can sign up right now - this question was about when we're going to offer it on gas, and the answer is: soon!


Hi, Yes my gas supply. I live in WA. Look forward to it!!


That's great news!  Unluckily it was too late for me as I had shifted gas providers the same day as posting earlier after having been with you for 10+years, but if the policy had been in place I would definitely have stayed - so from a corporate sense this will only work well for both AGL and the environment into the future.  Way to go AGL!

AGL Community Manager

Carbon neutral is now available for AGL gas plans!