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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

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We have been with AGL for over 20 years now and we have solar panels installed we received a letter in August 2016 saying they would upgrade our old meter to a new smart meter for free before December 31 2016. I called them in January 2017 as we never received it they said another month or two . In March I received a letter saying a representative from AGL had been to our  


property and said it was a multi dwelling so we do not qualify for the free meter upgrade, this is not true I called AGL and they said it was a generic letter sent out to customers waiting on a smart meter still, I received another letter April saying I could pay for the installation if I wanted it done quicker, I declined as it was originally promised to me for free. I have called several times since then and always been told next month,

My issue is with solar and without a smart meter all the solar goes straight to the grid and did receive 6 cents  per kilowatt but since July 1st its now 11 cents but I pay 28 cents to buy it back so I'm losing money by not having a smart meter . I want to switch to time of use billing because we have a 

battery for our solar but we can't due to no smart being installed so that costing us more money. AGL got the the rollout for smart meters wrong and customers are out of pocket because of it. AGL need to compensate all customers that have been affected by there blunder. All I can see is AGL taking there time installing of smart meters so they are making millions of dollars more  for doing so from there loyal customers 

AGL ITS TIME YOU GET YOUR ACT Together AND STOP TAKING Advantage OF YOUR CUSTOMERS, do the right thing by your customers 


AGL Moderator

Hi @rod16


Sorry to see we've caused you some frustration here. You mentioned that you were told you were not eligible for the smart meter due to it being a multi dwelling site. Was this cleared up for you? 


Oh My Goodness - This is exactly what has happened to me. 


It has been 9 months since i was promised a new meter - I have had no credit applied to my account for the period I have lost solar. I have contacted the Department of Fair Trading and the Ombudsman 


I feel for you Rod16, I started my campain, and I do mean campain to get my meter changed over in October last year and only just got it done on the last week of July as I have a granny flat with its own meter. I can tell you you will be dealing with the most incompetant people you have ever had to deal with. Ever the ombudsman (EWON) could not believe the trouble I went through get get this done for free as it should have been.

All I can say is good luck and good health as it was the most stressful thing I have ever had to do.

And by the way if you get it done don't expect to be able to see your data on what you are using as they can't even get the online account working, that's been going on now for 6 weeks so if you think the customer service are bad wait till you get to the IT part. lol

Good luck