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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

New electric meters

  • What then are the significant savings to the consumer to go to the digital meter?
  • If we all go digital there is obviously no need for meter readers, are they all made redundant then?
  • Is that why we should change to the digital model?
  • Are we over/under paying on the analogue meter?
  • What is the basis for changing to the new digital meter, i.e., why is it necessary to the consumer, yes I understand we can see our usage by the 'second' so to speak but what is the reason for the change, are the current meters not providing accurate usage?
  • Does the digital model provide better insight to customers who utilise solar power panels even if the solar was not originally purchased through AGL and by that i mean, can it advise if your solar panels have faults or problems?  what the day by day power generation being fed back to the grid is?  

Many thanks, look forward to the responses


AGL Moderator

Hey MikeA,


These are great questions!


Many of these can be answered by referencing this online resource: AGL Digital Metering. If you're unable to find any information that you require here, we'd encourage you to get in touch with our digital metering team on 1300 669 245.


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Rather than putting a link, if you have the answers, why not copy and paste them into my query isn't that the point of asking questions on this site, so we get an answer to each question raised otherwise why bother!


From my experience with the new "digital smart meters" is apparently you start using way more electricity somehow.

last quarter on old meter - 771 KW usage

This quarter on "smart meter" 1724.979 KW


Oh and this is for someone that doesn't get home until after 6pm - 8pm everyday!


Last quarter - used air con as it was end of summer.

This quarter - haven't used air con but bill amazingly so much higher!


I would avoid getting one as long as possible if I were you.


AGL cannot explain why, besides "the smart meter reading is right"

Well thank you AGL, according to you the meter is right, so then explain how on earth the usage has gone up so much when I have not done ANYTHING different, but have actually lessened my usage by not using the air con.