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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Need best advice. Type of Current Meter and Functions..Installation for free Digital Meter.


Hi. Community !

I am AGL Customer with using solar energy plan in NSW and have receive a notice letter to replace Free Digital Meter with using maximise solar energy during daytime and other functions. And last Wednesday a contractor from AGL came and had look in power box to install digital meter But he was gone just left the word 'no enough space to install digital meter'. And he told me that we need to call local electrician with qualification Level 2 to relocate 2 fuses then make enough space. So i called local electrician with Level 2 and he relocated 2 fuses to make space for installation of digital meter. (I paid one thousand dollars nearby for the job.) At that time and local electrician asked me why i replace new net meter and he explained me that i already have 2 useful net meters that are, one is only 'import meter' and the other one is 'net meter' with the following functions : import & export meter, using solar energy on daytime, off peak and 2phases to cover with oven/cooktop range. (because we now having 2phases oven/cooktop range and etc.)

So he told me that he doesn't understand why AGL send me a notice letter for installation of free digital meter and we need to call and confirm current meter type with AGL.

So today morning, I called AGL to confirm current 2 meter types that we now using. Staff in AGL told that we have 'basical meter' and need to replace Digital Meter. So i was confused and told the staff in AGL about that local electrician said 'we already have net meter with functions ; 2 phases for oven/cooktop range, using solar energy on daytime, import & export and other functions'

and i asked the staff in AGL again that if we replace New Digital Meter, it will have same functions like previous meter especially new digital meter will be for 2 phases oven/cooktop range. (Because local electrician told me that if we replace digital meter, we need 2 different type of meters that are, one is 'off peak meter' and the other one is 'net meter' with 2phases for oven/cooktop range and other functions like current meter functions.)

However, the staff in AGL told that he doesn't know well about the function of digital meter for 2phases and new digital meter under the previous meter function will be replaced and he couldn't leave any message to contractor from AGL to install for the digital meter with 2 phases.

So i just have attached 2 current meter photos please see the photos and tell me what type of 2 different meters i currently have. And please advise me what is best (Replace ? or Keep using?) 






Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Angela. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Community. 


To assist you with your enquiry about the difference between your current meter set up and the proposed change to a digital meter, we would require your account details. If you could please send a private message to myself with your account details, we would be able to investigate further and provide you with the answers.