Energy Management

Looking for tips or advice on energy efficiency around the home? See what others are doing or share your experience!

Looking for tips or advice on energy efficiency around the home? See what others are doing or share your experience!

Budget Friendly Moving Tips



Whether you have purchased a new home for your growing family or have found an flat to rent with a few good friends, moving can be exciting, stressful, and even expensive. When you consider all the costs that go into owning a home or renting a flat, you may not want to or be able to spend a great deal on the costs associated with moving. Here are some budget friendly moving tips to keep your costs (and the stress) down:

Start Preparing Early


Sometimes a move happens unexpectedly, giving you little time to prepare, but if you’re able, start preparing as soon as you find out that you’re moving. Not only will preparing early make you more organized when it’s time to move, but you are likely to save yourself a great deal of money. Here are some advantages to early prep:


  • Less to Move: If you start to sort your items and decide what you should move and what you should donate or sell, you’re likely to move less, which can cut down on the size of the moving truck you may need.


  • Save Money on Boxes: Often times, you can get boxes for free and if you start collecting boxes and packing early, you probably won’t need to purchase moving boxes. Packing materials can be an unnecessary cost as well, so be sure to start collecting newspapers and other materials that can protect your breakables.



  • Cancel Subscriptions: If you think you can handle it, consider canceling your subscriptions to cable or other services. Since you’ll be busy getting ready for a move, you probably won’t have time to watch TV anyway.


Arrange Moving Transportation


Moving, regardless of the amount of furniture and boxes you have, typically requires the use of a moving truck. One money saving option may be finding a friend, with a truck, who is willing to help you move or will let you use his or her truck for little to no cost. If that isn’t an option, be sure to rent a moving vehicle as soon as possible. Depending on the size of vehicle you need, you may spend anywhere from around $50 to over $100. If you try to rent a moving vehicle at the last minute, your choices may be limited and end up spending more than you intended.

Hire a Removalist or Enlist Family & Friends?


Moving is a lot of work and if you can coordinate a team of family and friends who are willing to help you move, you will probably save a lot of money (minus the cost of dinner or a pint). On the other hand, it can be difficult to organize enough people who are willing and able to give you a hand on moving day. Additionally, non-professional removalists are more likely to become injured while doing heavy lifting of boxes or even slipping or tripping while carrying furniture. Removalists, while not immune to the same kind of hazards, know how to lift properly, wear appropriate lifting gear, and follow other safety procedures. Although removalists are a large moving expense, costing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it may be a worthy splurge.