Times for Peak, Off Peak and Shoulder

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Have been changed from General Usage to Peak, Off Peak and Shoulder times when changed over to Seniors Saver Plan.  What are the times for South Australia 5118?

Does Shoulder apply if not on Solar?

Can I still have General Usage on this Plan?  Thank you

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Peak charges apply from 3pm to 9pm Monday to Friday. Shoulder charges apply from 7am to 3pm and from 9pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, as well as 7am to 10pm on weekends. Off-peak rates apply at all other times. McDVOICE

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What are the peak, shoulder and off peak times in Sydney?

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Times for peak, shoulder and off peak times are controlled by your electricity Distributor not by your retailer (AGL)


Your Distributor is listed on your AGL Bill is the company you should contact for power outages, street lights etc.




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