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Feedback to Taylor resolutions team!

Taylor I just spoke to saved me some money on agl and actually resolved my new address payments and old address. Thankyou for saving me some money Taylor and excellent helpful customer service.

rexommend speaking with agl anytime.

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Hi MariaSz, 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


Thank you so much for that feedback, we really love to hear the good news stories! 





AGL Moderator
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Hi MariaSz,


Thanks for being apart of the AGL Community and thank you for your great feedback!


It's really great to hear and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know!




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Would be good to get a direct number, not have to always go through the O.S call centres to get an issue resolved.

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Agreed! Have called AGL multiple times and the overseas contact centre people have not resolve my queries, and am dreading to call again.

It's incredibly frustrating, and am really considering changing providers to another business that doesn't have an overseas call centre!


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When they answer i just ask straight away to be put through to the resolutions team in Melbourne and they usually do it no questions asked.


Even if its a small issue they then seem to solve it right away.