Relentless text messages AGL Peak Energy Rewards

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Does anyone know how to stop these messages?!! No option to stop or unsubscribe. No option to change preferences online.  I have called AGL, sent online messages but I’m still getting them…. Help!! 

AGL Moderator
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Hi StopTextingMe, welcome to the AGL Neighbourhood! 


If you'd like to opt out of the Peak Energy Rewards program, please get in touch with our dedicated team on 1300 377 118 or via Email at


Kind regards, 



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Thanks Nam, yes I have called AGL twice and asked to be removed.  The friendly operators on both occasions confirmed that I have been removed.  I have not.  I have also tried on several occasions to use the online chat however that was a waste of time as the app does not notify when a response is made to my query.  The first time I tried the response was received 30mins after my first message at which point I was absorbed in a movie.  Forgive me for not sitting beside my phone in anticipation of a quick response.

The right answer here is for AGL to change your text messaging engine to allow "stop" or an opt out via the text interface as most spam text senders allow.  Please don't take advantage of your customers in this way.


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Hi StopTextingMe, so we can assist further please get in touch via private message here with your account details. Kind regards, Steven.