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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

with holding of credit refund


So, AGL promise to help people affected by COVID the website says but the reality is far from that. 

I have lost my job due to COVID 19 and rang AGL to get a refund of the credits in both my gas and electricity account on 8/4. The chat people are basically useless and have no power to do anything helpful, but yet they understand your situation NOT. I finally get a phone to use ( I had to sell mine to get some money ) and call the Resolutions Team to be told that my payment is was stopped by the audit team as I requested the money to be refunded to a different bank account as the one on the system is closed. I was told on the 12th, after several useless chat adventures, that a cheque would be issued and Id have it by Friday 15th unless Aussie post stuffed up. Friday came, no cheque. Go to chat, useless, just tell me what and when I called. Call up resolutions team. 1st team member could not help me, get on to the manager of resolutions, and she told me that she was the highest person that  I could speak to about this, and told that unless I provide evidence of payment from a bank account that I cannot access as it was my flatmate's account, it's closed down and I have no idea where my old thieving flat is nor do I care to find out. She was adamant she was not going to refund me money that was in MY ACCOUNT in MY NAME with MY EMAIL details and MY PHONE NO which she had to check that I knew after I gave the account no, address, full name, and mobile no to her. So I after nearly an hour on the phone to 3 people I asked for her manager, was put on hold for 10 minutes and then told that "Michael" her manager, who she said did not know the systems so there was no use talking to anyway, would call me back after he got out of his "meeting". She took my mobile number and surprise surprise Michael never called me. So after waiting 12 days for a refund, losing my car as I defaulted on the payment and having to move out of my accommodation as I could not afford to pay my rent, the manager of resolutions told me that she is not budging on this and that unless I prove payment of credits to my account, which I cannot physically do, she WILL NOT BUDGE ON THIS AND WILL NOT REFUND ME THE MONEY THAT IS IN MY ACCOUNT. Now, how the hell does AGL think that this is an ok outcome for me. AGLE has money tht is in my account and I do not care how or who paid it, its in MY ACCOUNT so technically the credit is mine, but, no, AGL will not give me any of the credit money, even though the government has advised being a bit lenient of rules and policy due to COVID 19. AGL has no compassion and will not refund me my money, What else am I going to lose because of AGL. Sold my phone, lost my car and have to move with no money because the money that is in my account will not be returned to me. I am struggling even to feed my son at the moment due to the loss of employment. Come on AGL, play fair and have compassion for us that are struggling due to no fault of ours.  HAS ANYONE GOT ANY ADVICE ON HOW THE HELL I GET MY CREDITS REFUNDED. THIS IS KILLING ME. Well done AGL, Well done, kick someone when they are down. Not very Australian of you is  AGL....acronym for **bleep** Gods Lunies??? Well, I'm beginning to wonder. HELP ME HElP ME PLEASE. SOMEONE ANYONE......