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gas bill complaint




I'm writing because of a concern I have with my gas bill. I believe I was being overcharged again. Here's a brief history of how I was billed.


Initially I was on monthly billing so I got my first bill amounting to 166. I felt it was too high as we only use gas for cooking and hot water. But since it was just an estimate reading I paid for it anyway expecting that the next bill will balance it out since it will be an from an actual reading (I switch to quarterly billing after this).


After 2 months the second bill came charging me 184 which includes a 55 balance from previous bill meaning my first month month's consumption is 221 and next two months is 129. I asked how in world can that be possible that a month of consumption can be almost double the next two months total. Regardless, I paid the whole 184 billed to me and didn't bother following up as I don't want to put up with the hassle and stress.


Now my current bill came charging me 274 and again including a balance from the previous bill saying I was undercharged still by 94. I find this really ridiculous now. If you take out that 94 from my bill then it will just be 180 for the 3 months covered by the current billing period which is an average of around 60 per month. This validates the 129 charged to me the previous bill for 2 months which will be around 65 per month. so I firmly believe my average monthly consumption is around 60-65 only. Now are these carry overs coming from?


Honestly this is getting tiring. I don't want to put up with this everytime I get my bill. And based from my previous bills there's a high probability that I will be charged extra again next time. I just want to pay what I actually consumed which is 180 and have my account cancelled. Please if I could have this process done smoothly for once I'd be very much thankful.


AGL Community Manager

Hi @lchua ,


Sorry you've encountered so many frustrations in getting this sorted out. Although we can't really deal with account-specific problems like this here on the community, I'd recommend that you drop in a complaint using the form here (copying the same explanation you've provided in your post):, and the Resolutions team should be able to investigate for you.


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