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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Whats with the stupid verification process now to log into my account?

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Can someone from AGL please justify why I need to go through that stupid process to prove I'm not a bot when I'm logging in with my own unique password?


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We deploy these verification processes to protect internet users from spam wherever they go. They also help to mitigate risk on mobile through enhanced security.


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Well I see the reason for wanting a secure verification process, but this really is the silliest one I have yet come across. I am new to AGL,having just switched from another supplier, but I have found that on many occasions I haven't been able to log in. Why? Because it often takes longer than 5 minutes to receive the email with the verification code - the code itself having already expired!

Today was very frustrating - I made around ten attempts, waiting 5+ minutes each time, having it rejected, then requesting a resend, waiting another 5+ minutes etc., between 11:31am and 12:47pm when I finally was able to log in and write this. This has happened several times over the short time I have been with AGL.

It's completely inappropriate to use a non-real-time verification process (ie email) to verify a near-real-time process (logging in). AGL has no control over the amount of time it takes for the user to receive the verification email, so it's just hit-and-miss. There are far better secure verification options available.


I have just discovered that you can switch from this code verification to a simple password, which I have now done. For anyone having this problem: log in (assuming you can), go to Manage Account and change your login process to password.