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Very high electricity bill


Hi Guys , I just moved out of my old property couple of weeks ago. I got the bill $623 August to Oct which is 100%higher that my last bills. I talk to agl and they said it because of faulty hot water system. They said you have to ask owner to get portion out of it. I email the owner but did not get anything back yet. Even me or manager doest not know about the fault till I received the bill. My question is: As we as tenant pay the bills, why service provider not inform us if anything going wrong with our usage????? Is it not their responsibility. ??? I am not goanna Pay that amount "" So frustrated with energy providers" . Can someone tell me what to do in this situation?? otherwise  I am going to RTA and Court to rectify this. 



Hi there, as a customer, like you, ultimately I am responsible for my debts, This is a landlord/tenant problem, if people like AGL had to inform you of every discrepancy then the next problem would be at what stage would they start?  Callous as it sounds, maintenance is your responsibility, not that of AGL, good luck it sorting it out!




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AGL Moderator

Hey Naveenchaudhary,


Thanks for getting in touch!


AGL are absolutely committed to ensuring that all of our customers are billed in a fair and accurate way, and we're sorry to hear that this latest bill has come at such a shock. As your energy retailer, we are responsible for ensuring that the meter reading we've used to bill you is correct, and that the infrastructure used to record your usage is functioning in an accurate manner. As a result, any additional usage that comes as a result of a faulty hot water system is not something that we're able to help with I'm sorry to say.


In addition to this, we're only made aware of your usage for the last X amount of months once your meter is actually read, so unfortunately, we do not currently have any methods of warning customers when electricity usage becomes erratic, though this would be a great service!


If there is anything further that we can do to help you including additional time to pay this bill, Naveenchaudhary, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Kind regards,



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