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Very high electricity bill




Ever since moving house my electricity bill has nearly doubled. From $120 to $220 (after discount) per month Only 2 adults live at the premises, whilst the previous place of residence had gas cooking and hot water, i wouldn't think it would equate to an extra 100 dollars per month in billings.


There is a granny flat out the back and appears to be metered separately in the same power meter housing.


But am not sure as to why the billing is so high. As the bill conpares our household to that of a family of 6+ people.


Thank you for any assistance.



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AGL Moderator

Hi Larni02! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


Having multiple reads on your bill can be confusing and stressful, I am sorry about that. 


As you can see you have Actual readings and Estimate, when you get monthly bills we estimate 2/3 bills, then the 3rd we have an actual reading. As you can see on this bill, your Controlled Load Actual reading only had 9kwh, this indicates you were likely over estimated on the previous invoice so basically you already paid for that usage. 


The best way to accurate monthly bills is to provide your own reading once a month and we will bill you based on that, which you can submit through the AGL MyAccount and AGL App. 





Hi thanks for getting back to me. But do you see how below the estimated and the actual have been added together and then I have been charged for that?

AGL Moderator

Hi Larni02! 

That's correct! That's how monthly billing works with a basic meter.


We do recommend if you have a basic meter and you wish to have your bills to be issued on a monthly basis, to provide your meter readings once a month towards the end of your billing cycle. This way, your monthly bills will be more accurate to your usage from the last provided meter reading. 


You can find out more information about monthly billing here


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For my case(account number 7064 728 384), I have a very high electricity bill in Jan. My house's meter is a smart meter which will auto update daily usage every day. However, when I consult the AGL chat team online, they answer that for smart meter, the reference value are not updated, it can be updated only by manual checking. 

I am very disappointed with how AGL customer service support me. If the bill is suddenly higher than average(2x or 3x), AGL should stop use the estimate numbers and should send someone to investigate the meter. Today I got a new bill for Feb which indicates that there are nothing update. And the bill says the next reading of meter is 4th May, which is ridiculous long in the future.

AGL Moderator

Hi Aladine! 


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If you have a smart meter, the readings are accurate as they are recorded every 15 minutes, even if the bill does not reflect actual reading. This can be due to a few reasons, if there is an outage in the bill period or a power surge. 


If you are concerned about your usage, you can review online with your data, to get an idea of when that power is being consumed. 


Obviously even after reviewing those things you can still be concerned, you can have a look at some information here


Thank you 



Hi Ellen,


Thank you for your kind reply.


For my case, I have reviewed the graph of daily usage in Jan. My daily rate is ~15 kWh/day, compare to Feb daily rate is ~4 kWh/day. That was an enormous change and what I suspect is the smart meter fault. It cannot be a power surge on a particular day but a meter fault. I was called by AGL in week 7 Feb to replace the smart meter, so I assume everything is fixed. Actually, the technician came on that day only replaced the meter, but he did nothing to rectify the wrong reading reference.