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Very high electricity bill




Ever since moving house my electricity bill has nearly doubled. From $120 to $220 (after discount) per month Only 2 adults live at the premises, whilst the previous place of residence had gas cooking and hot water, i wouldn't think it would equate to an extra 100 dollars per month in billings.


There is a granny flat out the back and appears to be metered separately in the same power meter housing.


But am not sure as to why the billing is so high. As the bill conpares our household to that of a family of 6+ people.


Thank you for any assistance.



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Hey Ausmetal,


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If you feel that your monthly electricity bills for your new property are on average considerably higher than your monthly electricity and gas bills for your previous property combined, there are a few different things that you can do! If you have a basic electricity meter on site, we'd recommend that you start by comparing the reading currently on your meter against the reading on your bill to ensure that your meter reading is accurate. If you have a smart meter, we'd recommend that you log in online here to review your usage data since moving in which may shed some light on when you're using the most power, and subsequently, which appliance(s) is using the most power.


If you feel you need further assistance, you're welcome to get in touch with our web chat team here.


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Suspected faulty thermostat in hot water system, so the hot water system keeps heating water all day without stopping.  This is yet to be verified by an electrician / plumber.  Backstory is as follows.

Understanding that it is winter and electricity usage creeps up during these months.  But according to the AGL app and on the smart meter we're using 30.00+ kWh per day.  As stated previously, we don't run hot water washes, or have a heater.  Only a split system to heat a room maybe once a fortnight.  Two adults occupy the premises and we both work full time.  Anyways, how I have come to the conclusion above is by the following.

Turning off the hot water system overnight has resulted in a drop from 1.10kWh consumption per hour to 0.26kWh per hour.  Even watching the smart power meter in the power box and turning off the hot water system is resulting in a 75% drop in power consumption coming into the power box.


what was the end result for this because I am furious about my bill. we are two adults as well but mine is $450!!!!!!! gone up by $100 and I thought that was a rip off. I'm wanting to fight it because its a joke. I'm taking mine to ombudsman


Nothing as of yet,

I am renting and in West Sydney.  The electrician came out and inspected the hot water system, noticed a leak from the soffit above.  There is a water/rust mark where the water was dripping down into the electrical box of the hot water system.  He did some tests and reset the thermostat in the hot water system.  This was a week and a half ago and power consumption hasn't changed.  Electrician and myself have relayed this information back to the real estate property manager, but have heard no response.

I am a day from the end of the current bill cycle for the month and the current bill sits at $361.00 that's for the month, not a quarter.

I suspect the thermostat is broken and heats water at all times.  Looking at the smart meter mobile app between the hours 12am and 6am power consumption sits at around 45cents to 50cents per hour whilst my partner and I are asleep.  I switched the hot water system off over night and power consumption drops to 5cents an hour.

Using that information and multiply the 45cents per hour by 24 = $10.80 per day.  Multiply $10.80 by 30 for the month = $324.00.  That's just for a hot water system, which to me is quite insane.

For reference, I used to live in Far North Queensland, granted, I lived by myself.  But I had a pool pump running and air conditioning, my bill quarterly was between $300-$400 mark, again, that was for the quarter; not a month.

Anyways, is your billing cycle monthly or quarterly?  Because $450 per month is extreme for a monthly bill cycle.

Sorry for the long reply, I figured it best to give you all the information I have on the matter and it's on record here.



Hot Water System offHot Water System offHot Water System onHot Water System on


Hello ,


Am having the exact same problem.


what was your end result ? 



The short story is that it was leaking hot water pipe.

It would have started off as a small leak and got worse over time as it was chaffing on brickwork inside the wall.  When the hot water pipe leaks, your hot water system has to keep heating new water that comes in to replaced the leaked hot water.  Hence the creeping electricity bill.

Initially, I had two suspicions, that the hot water system was faulty, or there was a leaking hot water pipe. 
I ran tests using the electricity meter outside.  And determined it was to do with the hot water system by shutting it off and watching the electricity draw drop to an extremely reduced level.  Then I switched the hot water system back on and watched the energy draw shoot back up.  Now, this shouldn't happen if your hot water system is running well, the water should be hot in the tank and not need to draw more electricity to heat the water up.  As stated above, this lead me to the two suspicions and one of those suspicions got eliminated when the old water system popped one afternoon.  

The hot water system got replaced and got the same result, extremely high and constant electricity draw.  After a while, one evening I was outside looking at the new hot water system and it was quiet enough that I could hear water gushing from inside the brick work.  This was an elating moment as it was all I needed to prove to the managing real estate that there is a problem.  Why I couldn't hear it before was because the hole in the pipe was only small, when the hot water system got replaced, it exacerbated the problem enough so I could hear a cascade of water falling in behind the brickwork of the house.

Mind you, the real estate treated my concerns with indifference, even with months of high electricity bills proving there was a problem and even after the old hot water system popped.  It even should have occurred to the managing agent or the plumbers that something else was wrong.  But again, any thing I said was treated with indifference, until I could actually prove anything.

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Hey @Ausmetal , Thanks for taking the time to come by again and let us know what the problem was. It sounds like an exasperating situation and I'm sorry to hear it took so long to diagnose and get help with. Glad it's resolved now though - did your bills drop back to the expected level?

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Hello @David_AGL 

It most certainly did solve the problem.  We went from a power bill averaging around 200 to 300 dollars per month with a peak of about 500 dollars for one month.  Down to $100 - $140 consistently since the hot water pipe has been repaired for I think over a year now.


I have the exact same problem. Our bill is around $300 a month for 2 people. I looked at my bill and noticed that on an actual read the estimated and actual are added together and then I  am charged based on that amount.  And all my bills are estimated on that. This has been going on for 3 years! I rang up and the guy I spoke to couldn't really grasp what I was saying. Also my estimated and actual are way off and I never see an adjustment in my bills. I have been with AGL for years and now I feel like I have been way over charged.