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Smart meter but still keep on getting Estimates




The AGL Solar Panel and Smart Meter Saga Continues........

I have been in touch with AGL since November to try and get this sort. Last bill in February was an Estimate and current bill is an estimate as well(partial estimate as they got the usage from the smart meter but strangely didnt get the Feed in from the Smart Meter. So the current bill does not show any credits what so ever).


The latest bill for May is also an estimate and does not reflect the solar panels we have installed on our property since November. I have following issues which are not fixed and the current Bill does not give any justice to the several requests I have been putting to AGL to resolve the issue:

  • My solar panels were installed in November-17
  • The Bill I was supposed to have in February was an estimate so I didn’t get any credits for the solar panels we got installed nearly 3 months before this bill.
  • The 3-phase spinning disc meteres were replaced to Smart Meter in March 2018 and we were advised by the installer that the final meter read will be sent to AGL within an hour.
  • I spoke to AGL on Monday 07/05/2018 and was promised that this issue(final meter read not being updated in the system and that the smart meter not showing any credits for the solar panels feed-in) will be resolved and that I will not get any bills until this is resolved. The lady said she will report this matter to smart meter experts and will call me back once the expert has been able to download the feed-in data from my smart meter.
  • On 14/05/2018 I have now received a bill for $323.60 which is disappointing. As despite all these phone calls its still the same issue. Does not include final meter read and there are no credits for the electricity we have fed in since November.

We are not sure if this issue is going to be resolved as we don’t get a call back or some outcome from anyone. Is there a customer dispute resolution team in AGL which will help address this saga which has been going on since March 2018.


AGL Moderator

Hey Shahk,


Thank you for providing this update!


It's disheartening to hear that this matter remains unresolved for you, and I'd like to apologise for the disappointing experience you've had with AGL to date. Given the lack of resolution you've been given thus far, it may be appropriate for you to discuss this matter further with our escalations team. You can reach this team by calling 1300 886 514, or by writing to!


Kind regards,



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