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Shoulder Period


On our electricity bill there is a billing section for 'Shoulder', I.e. The power that we consume during the 'shoulder' period is less expensive than that which we consume during the 'Peak' period. There is no read-out on the LCD panel of the smart meter that equates to 'shoulder'. How does the meter know the difference between what We use in 'peak' and in 'shoulder' times, and where/how is it recorded, please?


AGL Moderator

Hi @Wamby


Thank you for your post, and apologies again for the delayed response.


The shoulder  and peak  periods of your energy usage will depend on the time of day. This is captured by your meter and sent through to us, in order for your bill to be generated. You can look up all the details of your energy plan, including peak periods, on the Fact Sheets page of our website. To find out specific information concerning the different time periods, you can speak to our service team on  here: If you would like to know how the meter feeds this information through, please get in contact with our digital meter team on 1300 669 245.


I hope this answers your question, and please reach out if anything else comes up.

Cheers, Jordan

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