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Shocking bill. Gas usage very high for 2 person household


I've moved in to this house in mid-June. Our first reading/bill cost $120 for 25 days of gas!

This last bill is at $377 for 89 days of gas.


There is only 2 of us, we use gas for the stove and oven, and the Hot Water System. We don't use these excessively. We aren't necessarily mindful, but we do try and be careful to not use them too much.

Our bill says the average 4 PERSON HOUSEHOLD uses 3,346MJ per the same 89 days.
Us TWO PEOPLE have used 6,275MJ during this time - almost double the amount! I'm paying $62 per month per person for gas. It's not like I don't already have to worry about an electric bill too.

This usage and price really does seem outrageous. The only thing I can think is that I must have a leak or some such. We both work all day, or if one of us is home we're not actively using anything that would use gas unless one of us uses the stove for 5 minutes to cook up some eggs. We both shower pretty quickly, have a bath maybe once a week, we don't use super hot water for the washer.

I'm at a loss on what I should do? How do I get someone to come out and check whether or not I have some kind of bad leak or issue causing this?


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It sounds like your situation as you've described it certainly requires further investigation. Check out this post of someone who had a similar experience


A gas leak is a possibility, though they are quite rare. This FAQ may be helpful:  What should I do if there is a gas leak?


It would also be worth your time to check the 'end reading' on your latest bill against your current meter reading. If the reading on your meter currently is higher than that on the bill, then this will validate the accuracy of your bill. If not, then we'll need to take a closer look at things.


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Hey! Just out of curiosity did you manage to get this resolved?


I have the same problem with you right now, even the amount of my gas bill is $364 per quarter.


I also live in a 1 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom, 2 person household.