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SMS opt-out. No 'message' icon in myaccount


Please advise on an actual and actionable way to opt-out of payment reminder SMS that can be widely used by everyone.


It's a question that has been asked before - but the advised 'solution' does not work.

Clicking the provided link goes to your contact page where chat is unavailable, and there is no message icon/option on myaccount page to send anything, and when calling its advised to send a message... so what's going on?


I need do get off this annoying ongoing sms spam.

Being neuro divergent, these messages are annoying and harmful to mental health in the way they undermine the effort and diligence in putting a reliable plan in process in place to ensure payment on the due date.


Making it such an ordeal to opt-out is further salt in the wound.

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AGL Community Manager

Hi @annoyed ,


If these are SMS Pay reminder texts, you can opt out of this in My Account, under the payment options section:



If these are other reminders, unfortunately you do need to get in touch with customer service. I've noticed some browser extensions will prevent chat and Messaging from working, so if these are your preferred channel, you might like to try on a different browser/device, or incognito mode, or via the AGL app. The Messaging icon can sometimes take a few moments to appear.  Feel free to PM me a screenshot of your My Account page, and I can have the tech team investigate the issue too.

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I do not have SMS Pay set up. I want to opt-out of regular bill payment reminder sms.


I followed your advice, using both Firefox and Chrome in regular and private/incognito modes and the only one which displays the message icon is Chrome in incognito mode - but clicking the icon does nothing.


I can made the chat window appear/open on my phone, selecting desktop mode, but that is an unworkable solution as the wait time for a response is 30min and I need to use my phone for regular stuff, like calls, which ultimately kills off the chat window. I sent you private message of screenshot. 


Having functionality to opt-out would be good customer service, or having it as an opt-in service in the first place. Please escalate.