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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Re: Can't log in


I have had trouble paying my bill because I have such a difficult time trying to log in.  The page just spins & spins & spins.  If I ever get to pay my most recent bill, I will probably look for another company.

When I first signed up, I was placed at the cost as if I was living in a house for 3 people.  I live in a tiny unit alone & shouldn't be charged as living in a 3 person house.  When I was with Amaysim Electricity,  my bill was constantly an average of about $100 to $130.  Nothing has changed with regards to my amount of energy use.  My bills here, at first, were approx. $105-$110. Then suddenly the next month increased by 100% to $200, which is utterly ridiculous.  I would like this explained.  The email I signed up with hasn't been working, so I cannot receive any mail at that address.  I do receive your mail at a different address, but I cannot log in using the second email address that starts with "ra".  If I don't pay this bill on time, it is only because I cannot log in. The page just constantly spins. No other pages online do that.  Could you please fix this problem so that I can pay my bill on time.  This problem isn't my fault & which means I'll miss out on the "(on time" discount.  Also, all  my info was supposed to be sent & accepted from Amaysim as it was at Amaysim.  Everything I had was supposed to be smoothly set up.  Since you mustn't have rec'd my life discount, I have, of course been charged more, but most imp. is the fact that if I have a seizure & my battery needs charging, I will have no way of calling for an ambulance.  Every seizure can cause that much more brain damage.  If I have a seizure for 10 - 15 minutes without stopping, I will most likely die.  Without the electricity to charge my phone could be life threatening.  Please fix all these problems.  Thank you.  Raindrop42 (Gerri).