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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Printing of account


I have trouble when I print out my AGL account. The variables (e.g. my name, address and the dollar amounts) are printed as open rectangles. I can "see" the account OK on the screen - it just won't print. I don't have any other printing problems with any other documents or pdf files. I had a "chat" online to an AGL person but all they did was send me a copy of the account - which still wouldn't print. Is anyone else having this problem?



Hi Jeremy.

I would like to confirm that I have seen the same issue when printing the bills downloaded from my online account. If I print the bill using the Safari print function, I get boxes instead of numbers. If I save the bill to my downloads folder then view it with Preview, it looks ok. But the numbers become boxes again as soon as I print it. Even if I open the system print dialogue and perform a save as pdf using the Preview app, the boxes appear once again.

However, if I open the downloaded file using Adobe Reader DC (just installed) the printout works and all the numbers appear correctly. So it would appear the issue is not with the document, but with the system fonts in OSX. And if you use Adobe Reader, it must perform it's own print stream image generation, bypassing the OSX system print stream subsystem. I can also confirm that even if I open the bill in Chrome (directy from my notification email) and print it using the OSX System print dialogue, the boxes appear once again instead of numbers.

Perhaps AGL could post the fonts used in generation of its Bills somewhere on the website, so OSX users can install those fonts into their system. This may solve the issue of printing with the OSX System dialogue, because the require fonts would be installed on the system.

I hope this information helps.

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,


Retired AGL Moderator

Hey @Steve, welcome to our Community and appreciate all the testing you've done here! The font in question is Brauer-Neue, which is available to download online, however may not be a free download. We've collated all the feedback and have forwarded on to the team for review so we can finalise a fix for this.

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Hi Jeremy. I have ignored this problem until now - decided to try and revisit it. I still can't print the account. It looks as if the "team review" hasn't made any progress.... Do you have an easy fix?



Retired AGL Moderator

Hey @David, the best workaround whilst we work on a fix is to download Adobe Reader and print the pdf as an image, as mentioned in this post - let us know how you go with this.

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I want to chime in.

I have the same issue re printing out squares rectangles etc no matter what i do. And it is ONLY with the AGL bill that this happens.

Seems to me there are probably 100,000 s or more of customers with the same issue and FRUSTRATED to be heard by AGL.

SO , here me now.



Just **bleep** change it OK


Also I cannot believe all the steps Jeremy has taken David through and the great patience that David has had with this process.

AGL: No more BS just change your stupid font ! 



Hi @Font!!!, please be assured we're working on this matter and are aiming to provide a solution as soon as possible. We understand your frustration at the matter, however we do ask that all users follow our community guidelines when interacting with others here - this is intended to be a positive and supportive environment and inappropriate language is not permitted.

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I know how frustrating this is but i believe i have found a way, it worked for me anway. (for Mac users only)

Once you have selected to view bill, on the upper right hand side is the download button, select this button, this will give you the option of either "open with - preview default" or "save as".

Select open with preview, once you have selected this, preview will open up and you will have your image come up plus your sidebar with the other images. From the sidebar select the page you want to print, once you have selected this go to FILE and select EXPORT. A popup will appear, from this you will see, export as, tags and so on, go straight to FORMAT, it should show PDF, you want to go in and change it to JPEG then select SAVE. Go ahead and open your saved doc, it will open up in preview, then select file, select and print. 🙂


Hope this helps, it took me a couple of hours to figure it out but it worked.




I also can't print out my 2 electricity and 1 gas accounts each month because the numbers turn into rectangles. completely frustrating and unnecessary. I can not believe that AGL would use an obscure font that many computers can't recognise.


I just wish to add my weight to the push to get this problem fixed. Should have been fixed over6 months ago !

Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @barinvests. We certainly appreciate the frustration that this is causing AGL customers in regards to not being able to print their invoices.


It seems like @Ghiwah has found a work around for the time being, however we do want to let everyone know that a fix is in place we are just awaiting confirmation of when this will be completed. We have been working with our IT teams to ensure that this resolved once and for all.