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Pay on time discount


Hi! I’ve just switched over to AGL and my previous supplier rang me today to try to keep me. He explained that the pay on time discount isn’t applicable for the entire bill, only part of it, with AGL. Yet their’s is on the total amount of the bill. Didn’t make sense to me when the pay on time discount should mean pay on time get discount off your total of the bill. Just want to make sure he’s not pulling a fast one. 🙂



AGL Moderator

Hey Timtim39,


Thanks for getting in touch!


At AGL, we only apply percentage discounts to usage charges, not the total of the bill. This essentially means that you will not receive a discount on your daily supply charge I'm sorry to say.


If there is anything else that you'd like us to clarify about your agreement with AGL, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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Hi Ttimtam39, 


It's often said all that glitters is not gold.


your offer reminds of all that TV and press advertising, huge discounts which everyone fall for, I look at a bottom line only. AGL do and have always given POD based on just usage, look a tad deeper look at what the poles and wire component is, it is often the cheapest part of the bill, so when it’s ‘free’ or part of your offer it’s sure to be built in somewhere,



I have no axe to grind as I am an AGL customer like you but like I said, do your homework, see what the really is the  bottom line.




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