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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Pathetic service., threatened to cut off power, charged late payment fee but invoice never received


Does anyone know a direct number or email to someone who knows what they are doing with billing?  We've been sent a notice of late payment with late payment fee for a payment on the invoice never received.  The invoice was sent to the wrong postal address and when we phoned up to ask for a correction, the lady on the phone said she would send a correct one with a new due date so that we would have the discounted amount and wouldn't be charged late payment fee.  A week later, we received a notice of late payment instead.  We just phoned up again today saying that we would pay only the correct amount before the due date and excluding late payment fee.  Again, the person on the phone said she could do nothting as it was the computer problem on AGL.  She said we could take it further to the Ombusman, which we will have to if this is not solved.  Also, were told that if payment was not made, power would be cut off and we would be put on a bad customer list.  How's that?!  



Thanks for getting in touch. 


We're really sorry you've had such a terrible experience. Use our support form to send us your details and we'll get in touch today to make sure all the billing issues you've been having are sorted out. 





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Hi Lauren, thank you for your message.  I have sent a message using the form linked in your message.  I hope this will be solved soon.  Thank you.


Have a headache trying to find where to apply for extension to pay my power account. I am unable to call in at moment as I have no credit to do so. Please don't send me on a wild goose chase. L even tried the chat room but keep being told theres an error!!!!!!


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Hi Spadey,


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You can request more time to pay simply by logging into your AGL My Account. You can find more information here: How can I request more time to pay?





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