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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Paper Invoice addressed to 'Energy Consumer'?


We've recently received a paper invoice addressed to the "Energy Consumer".

The invocie amounts to nearly $1000 and the account number on the bill does not match the one provided in a SMS from AGL when we first registered for gas moving in.  Could this be a scam?


$1000 is a lot of gas for a 2 person home even if the bill says it is for 6 months.


Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @SamL


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community! 


We do issue accounts under the name of "Energy Consumer" when we own the billing rights to the address for either gas or electricity however no customer has contacted us to take financial responsibility. Therefore it is possible that we owed the billing rights prior to you moving in and your account has caused the previous account to be closed and final billed. 


To ensure that this is the case, please send me a private message with the account details of the Energy Consumer account and I can investigate. 




Thanks @CatherineG I have sent you a private message.