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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Online Platform & Bill Smoothing Issues




Since the new online platform went live (and still incomplete and fraught with issues, compared with nary a problem with the original platform), I have had problems working out what I owe, what will be direct debited from account, multiple accounts for the same item (I.e. Gas, one inactive with a credit balance still showing, one active) and so on and so forth. I have tried to address these by calling a repesentative directly or using the chat function. Invariably, they have no idea what I'm talking about or how to fix it and usually things get a lot worse and more complicated. Anyway, I'll try to summarise.


1/ Dashboard delivers different results only minutes after logging off and logging back in! For example, sometimes the Direct Debit Amount show the next Bill Smoothing amount and when it will be debited (which is what it should show, as I am on Bill Smoothing, so no problem). Minutes later, the Direct Debit Amount is showing the current account balance as what will be direct debited: WRONG!!!!


2a/ Dashboard has two Gas accounts, one inactive, which shows (sometimes, depending on if a bird is sitting on a branch outside my window) a credit balance of $84.02; why has this not been credited to the newer Active one? Or at least PAY me that amount! Oh, and sometimes it shows a debit balance and also says My Next Bill is on the way (or variaions like 7 days or 14 days away) - yes, it's supposedly INACTIVE!


2b/ So, when the Inactive Gas Account is showing a DEBIT balance (not the $84.02 CR), the Active Gas Account is showing a debit balance of $84.02; is there some kind of corelation with the same amount (although a credit) in 2a above?


3/ A few links, such as "My Energy Plan" are dead and go the "old" online platform and merely say "We're working hard to build the new My Account"; guys, this been the same or over a year now; why did you GO LIVE with this when it was clear that it was incomplete?


4/ BILL SMOOTHING - since December 2016, this has been $77.00 per fortnight; all of a sudden, 2 weeks ago, I receive an email headed "Welcome to AGL Bill Smoothing"! Er, no, my payments have been coming out regularly, so why this sudden "Welcome"? Obviously, something wrong with your systems, surprise! Now you're asking for $199.00 per fortnight - almost 3 times what I was paying before? Can this be rectified immediately? If this amount is debited, then I will be stopping all direct debits and seeking another company to provide my supplies.








AGL Moderator

Hey Vince,


Thank you for your post!


We're sorry to hear that you've been facing these difficulties with our online service. The goal in mind when we made these changes was to make our customers lives easier, but it definitely sounds like we've missed the mark here.


Please send me a private message including your AGL account details and any relevant screenshots of this issue and I'll take a closer look at things.


Kind regards,



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