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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

No bill then txts claiming late payment


I have been receiving texts claiming I have an overdue account with reference 70255435429401442353 however I have never recieved and invoice for this account, nor does it show up on my AGL online account.


I have been trying EVERY avenue I can for AGL to confirm if this account is connected to one of my properties or not (I hope it is as I recieved the same text last year which I paid). All I get is nonsense such as 'contact the account holder' or 'please supply the account holders phone number'... if you can't tell me what address the account is for, how do I know who is the account holder and if it is myself?



It is possible and I suspect I am being invoiced through text for accounts that are not mine! Not happy!


AGL Moderator

Hi @Jasonj,


Thank you for reaching out to us, and apologies for the difficulty you have had in trying to resolve this matter.


It sounds as though your mobile number has been added to the wrong account, for these billing reminders. We would be most happy to look into this matter for you, if you could please send us a screenshot of the message, with your mobile number? If you send this to me via private message, we will be able to investigate the matter for you a soon as possible. 


Thank you for your help and patience with this matter.


Sincerely, Jordan

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