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Never ending billing problems (Electricity)


This is the latest in a series of billing/invoice problems from a company that doesn't seem to care about the customer. Although this is specific to electricity, we have also had numerous issue with our gas account.


23-NOV - received SMS from AGL saying thatour electricity bill was overdue. We had never received a bill nor was there any invoice online,

23-NOV - Call AGL and got transferred twice until I spoke to someone from customer resolution. She said there was a problem with our bill and they would re-isse & send out within 24 hours. She would also extend the payemtn date to 11-DEC.

24-NOV - Did not receive anything from AGL nor was there any change to what was online. Filled in an online contact us form to explain the problem.

25-NOV - Received an email from Nicole saying:

  • The bill has been reissued and has been given a new due date.   I do apologise for any inconvenience you have received and have lodged a complaint with our billing department in regards to the ongoing issues you are having.

26-NOV - Did not receive a bill nor was there any change online. Sent an email to Nicole daying this.

28-NOV - Still nothing received and sent another email. Still no response.


The exact same thing happened last month & no one was able to resolve the problem. Although we ended up paying the amount that AGL said we owed, we have still never seen the invoice. And the last invoice online is from May 2015.


There hasn't been a month/quarter gone by where we haven't had to spend hours figuring out our bill or calling AGL. Since 2012, we have received over 84 invoices, adjusted invoices and reversed invoices and we have been on quarerly billing for most of this time.


One time when requesting an invoice from AGL, we received someone else's invoice, with all of his address details & billing details. This is a security breach & if I could get in touch with him, I would let him know. I still have the invoice in case anyone cares.


I can not understand why it is so difficult to issue a simple invoice. Other carriers do, without any other problems. If you guys care at all about retaining customers, you need to clean up your act.




Retired AGL Moderator

Hi there @Frustrated, this definitely sounds like a bad experience - we're very sorry to hear about what you've been through. We'd like to help straighten this out once and for all, if you can provide some contact info via our webform, our team will get in touch to assist. Cheers

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I have already done this & they cannot figure out the problem 😕

This was their response on 30/11. Haven't heard anything back yet:


We apologise you’ve had this ongoing issue with your account, I can see the last agent did reissue the bill, and whilst it appears on our side it is not issuing out to you. We have raised a bill error complaint to fix this for you and again are sorry for the experience



I thought this would be a more successful way to get this resolved, but i guess it isn't.

Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Frustrated, if you can provide me with a reference number from your previous communications with Nicole I will contact the resolutions team and follow this up for you.

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Hi, I believe the reference number is: AGL-FF-2015112414372 but I have only received one email with this number.


We received a bill from you today. However, our previous payment of $356.69 is not reflected on this bill. Also, the bill is an estimated one – not actual. When I look at the bill and payment history online, I can see the payment, but I have no idea how it has been applied or where the credit of $8.15 comes from.


Also, when you look at bill and payment history, the bill issued previous to this one is for Jan 1/2014. What happened to all of the other bills.


Can you guys not get your act together. It shouldn’t be so difficult to:


  • Provide the customer will their invoice on time.
  • Have the invoice reflect previous payments.
  • Use actual figures instead of estimates (especially since access to our building has been provided).

Unfortunately....still frustrated.


Retired AGL Moderator

Thanks for that @Frustrated, that does indeed sound frustrating. Your details have been handed over to the resolutions team and they will get in touch with you to sort this all out. Cheers.

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We have the same ongoing "neverending issue" with GAS! 

2 years worth of calls & stress, I'm writinng this now as a distraction I think - I can't even begin to construct the opening sentence to call them for the one millionth time!


They ended up crediting approx $3000 in "miscalculated /guestimated/whatever! bills." + Cash refunded also due to "inconvenience".

Then, just as both bills  for Gas & Electricity were squared off & back to zero ......until this month, and we're off again!


I can't even find the words to explain myself again when I call them - hence looking for the golden ticket on this forum & just randomly typing in th einterim - it's hurting my brain!


Debits & credits all over the bill - I can;t work them out, AGL can't either obvioulsy - how does one check then that they aren't being ripped off - you can't!

Both bills actually this time  have Dr & Cr entries & quarterly billing going back to Feb this year that has only been billed 25 November?!


I just feel overwhelemed at having to explain or sort anything anyfurther.

I literally cannot do this anymore, the folder I have everything in is so thick I can't close it anymore! ABSOLUTE JOKE & A DISGRACE... 


Q: If you contact the Ombudsman, do they sort all this out ?? 

Retired AGL Moderator

hi @Dishane, very sorry to hear that you're having similar issues with your gas service. Understandibly you are feeling overwhelmed - our resolutions team will do their best to resolve this for you as soon as possible. Jump on this link: and fill out your details and they will get in touch. Edit: Link update

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And ....  Thanks, this is what I'm talking about! and

The highlighted underlined link you replied with & emailed me above,

goes directly to a page stating "SOMETHING's WRONG HERE" very apt!

Of a cartoon seagull flapping his wings saying the floating blimp creature called Bitly couldn't find the URL?!


Are you serious AGL?!







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Sorry @Dishane, gremlins in the system! See previous edited post for the new link or head here:

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