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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

My gas bill is incorrect and has been for more than two consecutive periods.


This is the second consecutive quarter (that i know of) that my gas bill has been completely incorrect and that we've been overcharged significantly for our gas usage. Despite providing photos and clear meter readings, you continue to send us inflated and grossly inaccurate bills. We are sick and tired of having to deal with this crap EVERY TIME we get a bill and having to go back and forth with your staff multiple times and for them to still get it wrong. We have done our part by recording and reporting our reading and paying our bills on time every single time. Do your part and give us a correct reading so we don't have to go through this every single time.  It is entirely unacceptable that we are put through this stress with every bill. Fix your systems or your reading system or whatever it is but this is unacceptable. ! No other provider in any other industry would get away with repeatedly overcharging customers so drastically every single billing period.

I've attached photos yet again of the gas meter readings as well as a written reading below. If you do not believe the reading then send someone to come check it out yourself. If this happens again next billing period we will move to another provider. 

QR004115 - 552,477

WT011391 - 00060152




AGL Community Manager

Hi @jemijam14 

Sorry you've been frustrated by these inaccurately estimated bills.


Meter readings are performed by your local distributor, not by AGL, and until we receive an updated reading from your distributor, we need to estimate your usage. Of course, when we do receive an actual reading, your bill is amended and you are credited if the estimate was too high, and charged the extra if the estimate was too low.


Fortunately,  avoiding estimated bills is as easy as submitting your own meter reads. You can do this through your My Account here or through the AGL app. There are guides on how to do this here:



If you need help with performing an accurate meter read, we have a guide for that here: How to Read Your Meter

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